About Sabrina Tach

Unique Leather handbags made withe love in Uruguay /

Each piece is patiently crafted, with its materials carefully selected and hand-cut.

Uruguay, a world leader in livestock breeding, produces a large variety of excellent-quality leather, ideal for the manufacturing of these unique handbags. The high quality of the material combined with a vast experience with leather craftsmanship results in a very beautiful and exclusive product.

The tanneries used by Sabrina Tach have strict environmental policies. All of the leathers come from animals bred in free-range Uruguayan estancias, and are by-products of the meat industry.

About the designer /

Interview: Sabrina Tach VIA need supply co.


Sabrina Tachdjian is the adorable & creative girl behind the unique leather bag line Sabrina Tach. We’re huge fans of her beautiful bags, which are all patiently crafted with materials carefully selected and hand cut from Uruguay’s excellent-quality and environmentally friendly leather. Sabrina was kind enough to give us some insider details on her ideas, inspiration and processes behind her amazing work.
What’s your biggest inspiration as a designer? Where do you look for new inspiration and ideas?

ST: I do not have a unique source of inspiration. I love to travel and when I am Uruguay, in Montevideo where I am from, I’m not in the city, I’m on the beach in a fishing town near Brazil where there are many travellers. I love to be inspired by many different places and cultures.

Can you tell us a little bit about your process?

ST: I usually start with the material. I go to the tanneries and see the options I have, and from there starts the design process and the samples. All the bags are handmade by specialized leather crafters, and the leather is picked piece by piece by me. Another important aspect of the brand are the fashion campaigns. Once I’ve finished the collection I have to design the wardrobe for the photoshooting.

What makes you stand out as a bag designer?

ST: It comes from the need. Uruguay is a country that has always produced excellent leather. One of the biggest problems of being a designer in my country is to find good fabrics and supplies. So I took advantage of this opportunity and started designing things with local leather and some Argentinian leather also. Also, I was born in a family that loved fashion; my father had a clothing store and he designed children’s clothes.

How has your line evolved since you began making bags, and where do you plan to go from here?

ST: I started really slowly four years ago while I was working as a designer for a denim brand. I had to go to the tanneries to buy the leather for the tag of the pants. That way I discovered the huge variety of leather that my country had to offer. I started designing three different bags and uploading them to facebook, and girls immediately started asking for them. So I decided to create a brand from there.

Thanks Sabrina!