Ripa Backpack

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Product Description

Savannah collection takes hues from the african savannah and
combining them with ancient techniques performed
by traditional artisans.

The shapes, textures and patterns represent classic
Sabrina Tach signature bags. They are finished
in our workshops in Uruguay where we
complete the final touches.

These bags are made of sisal, a strong and
durable fiber that comes from a tropical plant
called Agave Sisalana. The leaves are soaked and
beaten to retrieve the fibre, twisted into strands,
and dyed. Artisans oversee the entire process,
beginning with the initial plant cultivation up to
the manufacturing of bags, all by hand.

Natural Sisal Backpack
Leather Toggle Closure Adjustable straps
Length: 37cm = 21″
Height: 34cm = 13”


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